The IRD imposes a personal income tax on the income after allowances and deductions of residents and non-residents earning income in St. Lucia. This tax is levied only on income over $18,400 per annum received by resident or non-resident individuals who earn income in St. Lucia, whether those income sources are located in or out of St. Lucia.

A tax return must be filed by individual taxpayers by the due date for filing income tax returns. The due date for filing income tax returns for individuals is 31st March of each year. There is a penalty charged for late submissions, this is 5% on chargeable income. Chargeable Income,” for the purposes of Income Tax, means the aggregate or total amount of income of any person that is remaining after the appropriate deductions and allowances have been allowed.

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Ⓒ2013 Inland Revenue Department, Government of Saint Lucia.