All taxes deducted must be paid by the employer to the Inland Revenue Department on or before the stipulated date, i.e. fifteenth (15th) day of the month that follows the month in which the deductions were made.


Where a person ceases to carry on business, the tax must be paid within fifteen (15) days on which the last payment of emoluments was made.


The prescribed form which must accompany each payment is the P30/PAYE Monthly Remittance Form. This Remittance is posted to all registered employers by the Inland Revenue Department.




When an employer makes any payment of emoluments to an employee from which tax is deducted as required by the Regulations, he shall furnish to the employee particulars of the payment, including particulars of the gross emoluments for the pay period and the amount of tax deducted, in such form as may be approved by the Inland Revenue Department.


A record of all payments of emoluments and taxes deducted from employees must be kept to the satisfaction of the Department. All such records must be kept on the premises of the employer.


Upon request, all records relating to the payment of emoluments and taxes deducted must be made available for inspection by the Department.


Where it becomes necessary to collect arrears of taxes from employees in cases such as: 

  • Where PAYE deductions have been insufficient
  • Where a “garnishee” order is served on the employer


Section 127(1) of the Income tax Act Chap. 15.02 enables the Department to instruct the employer to deduct such arrears from the pay in addition to any PAYE that is due.


Arrears of tax deducted must be kept separate from PAYE deductions and must be separately remitted to the Department.

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